DHC Drienerlo is established in 1964 and is the student hockey association of Enschede. for 59 years, students hockey at DHC and enjoy their match and cold drink afterwards.  At DHC, there are two hoceyfields, the Tjeerd de Vries mainfield and a semifield. At both fields there are bleachers, besides, there is a terras and our lovely clubhouse, the Toren. The ‘Toren’ is the club symbol of the Drienerlose Hockey Club.

In 1969 the authentic ‘Toren’ was gifted by AKZO. Because of the increasing number of members, in 1989 it was necessary to expand the ‘Toren’, for this reason, the front door became the backdoor. Additionally, more space around the bar was created.

Since the beginning, the ‘Toren’ has been used for great training evenings. Besides these, DHC also has ‘Torenzondagen’: alongside the fact that there are matches played at the ‘Toren’, these ‘Torenzondagen’ are more than only hockey. Even more than the third half. On Sundays the tap is often open at the same time the ‘Toren’ is open, this means that teams can maintain their liquid intake before, during and after their matches. Often we eat together and have drinks for a long time. For the ultimate experience of a ‘Torenzondag’, we invite you to come and attend one.