Heren 2

Who are we?

We are ‘Heeren 2’ with two e’s we are a performance team. In our case, this means that everyone is committed for more than 100% in the first, second and third halve. We train, just like the other performance teams, on Tuesday and Thursday evening and we play matches on Sundays. Last year we were promoted, despite corona, and now we play reserve overgangsklasse (reserve transitional class?). Our current team is already playing together for a few years, but we like to see new faces join the group. With our group, we go on a trip to another country every year and we have monthly activities. That is why Heeren 2 is the team for a real team player, who wants to be committed on the field but also outside of it. Are you enthusiastic? Great! Do you want to join the training of ours? You can! But how? Easy, send an email to heren2[at]dhcdrienerlo[punt].nl containing you want to join the training and then we can figure out which moment is best.