Stick-In Committee

The Kick-in is a big event for DHC Drienerlo, where we have a prominent presence. During the Kick-in there are plenty of activities at DHC, for example, the sports day, a BBQ and several other activities. During the opening festival and the Student Life Festival we are also present! The Stick-in Committee makes sure the activities as well as the DHC promotion run smoothly.

During COVID-19 situation, the Stick-in took care of online activities and promotion of DHC Drienerlo.

Naam Functie
Noor Toepoel Chairwoman
Cindy Vollenbroek Secretary
Liona Morsch Treasurer
Jinke Venema Internal Affairs
Rachelle Rinzema Promotion
Juul van Lier Dogroup coördinator
Maxime van Wechem External Affairs
Maartje Vredenberg Merchandise
Oscar van Spuij Borrelaar