Batavierenrace Committee

The Batavierenrace Commissie (BaCo) arranges everything that has to do with the Batavierenrace for DHC.

The Batavierenrace is the biggest relay race in the world in which DHC takes part in it every year. The race starts on Friday evening in Nijmegen via Germany and the ‘Achterhoek’ and ends on Saturday afternoon at the campus in Enschede. You run the relay with 25 enthusiastic participants of DHC. Overall, there are more than 300 participating teams. After this beautiful race, it is time to party. Parties are organised all over the campus you can hardly miss it. The entire campus is full of tents; it is like a large, fun campsite! Will you participate?

What does the BaCo do? The BaCo arranges the registration so that a team can be formed. There will be a van arranged to bring everyone to the right stage and of course, there are tasty and healthy snacks and beers present in the van. The BaCo also arranges dinner on Saturday evening before the big party on the campus starts.

Naam Functie
Eefke Krijnen
Veronie Naber
Jette Slettenhaar
Mark Luijten
Ruben Grob
Resa Verder
Floris Kaper