Welcome to the page of E.D.O.C.H. Rubbish, the association for former members of DHC Drienerlo.

E.D.O.C.H. Rubbish is the official former member association of DHC Drienerlo. The goal of this association is to keep track of the former member database, organising drinks for former members and improving the integration between old and current members of the Drienerlose Hockey Club.

The association name E.D.O.C.H. Rubbish stems from the past of DHC Drienerlo which was originally founded as DHC Rubbish. The Royal Dutch Hockey Association thought this name was inappropriate for the elite hockey sport at the time and they forced the club to change its name to DHC Drienerlo. This offence was, therefore, the reason to let the name return in the former member association. In May 2011, the association made a restart to achieve its original goals.

In order to do so, we are looking for as much information as possible of former members of DHC who would like to remain involved with the club in some way. Are you part of this category or do you know someone that might be interested, register free of charge at www.rubbish.nl and we will make sure we keep you informed of the activities of Rubbish and DHC (with a maximum of four times a year).

The current board consists of:

Naam Functie
Milou Gankema Chairwoman
Jaap Cortjens Secretary
Geert Geerts Treasurer
Wouter Post General member
Tjalling Stelma General member
Daan Dierdorp General member