Heren 3

Who are we?

Heren 3 is the ideal middle ground between performance and recreational hockey!

Founded five years ago was Heren 3. A team arose from the longing for hockey, beer and escalation. Once started as an additional recreation team but over the years became a performance team. Do you want to play hockey in a motivated team without any obligations? Then Heren 3 is the team for you! On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, you can find us on the fields of DHC Drienerlo.

On Tuesday, we train at 19:30 and on Thursday at 18:00. On Sundays, we will annihilate the opponent in the competition. Can’t find us on the field? Then try it in the ‘Toren’ at the bar. Besides fighting in the first two halves, we are also famous in the third half. Thanks to the beer captain, you will never run out of beer. We organise various team activities next to the club activities, join tournaments, have drinks and escalate. Are you interested in playing hockey at Heren 3, and would you like to taste the atmosphere (and beer) with us, mail to or visit us during training?

Dikke lul, 3 bier!