The Drienerlose Hockey club, one of the oldest associations know to student life in Enschede, has a rich history. Below you can find the spearhead of our existence:

Year Event
1964 The formation of DHC ‘Rubbish’
1966/1967 Joining the Royal Dutch Hockey Association. One of the conditions of joining is deleting the name ‘Rubbish’ because the meaning is highly inappropriate for the hockey association in the eastern part of the Netherlands. ‘Rubbish’ is currently the name of the association of former DHC Drienerlo members.
1969 Construction of the Toren. A salt drilling rig donated by AKZO to function as the clubhouse for DHC. A unique fact, this is the only clubhouse on campus that is kept in its own control.
1987 DHC plays its first home match on artificial grass.
1989 Because of the growing number of members, it is was necessary to expand the Toren. The renovation was realised through a lot of effort and lobbying.
1996 The Toren drills and spills…. The newborn is a tiny house for the storage of salt, again donated by AKZO. These can be found next to the Toren and serve as a storage space.
2018 DHC has a new artificial water field, next to that also a new artificial semi-field. The Toren is partially reconstructed with a new front.
2019 The toilets are completely renovated.
2021 A scoreboard is added to the main field.