Dames 3

Who are we?

Heyyy, we are Dames 3 and we’re the second performance team after Dames 1. We train twice a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and play a match on Sundays. We are all woman who like to play hockey but also like to drink a beer afterwards in the Toren. That can be seen in the beercompetition in which we ended third (‘vo) overall and first of the woman teams. Besides that we like to organize activities with our team as bowling and ‘adtje bierplank’ and organize activities with other teams as our ‘driener’ and ‘minislotdag’ with Heren 3.

Are you interested in playing with us? Approach us at the hockeyclub in our light blue sweaters. Or send us a message via our Instagram page @dhcdames3.