Advisory Committee

The Advisory comittee consist of the Continuity Committee and the Auditing Committee.  The Continuity Committee (Coco) oversees the functioning of the board and the club. The committee guides and assists the board where necessary. Among other things, they check policy documents and give advice at the GMM. De Coco does this for both the board of DHC and the board of DST.

This committee consists of members who have knowledge of all kinds of things. Both inside and outside DHC.


Naam Functie
Thomas van Geest Chairman
Eleanor Thelen General member
Sjoerd Brüggenwirth General member
Emma Sombroek General member
Max de Blok General member
Mechteld Hoeksma General member
Arthur Hofma General member


The audit committee (Kasco) oversees the finance of DHC on behalf of the members of DHC Drienerlo. The committee also supervises the finances of DST on behalf of the Advisory Committee. Furthermore, the committee also advises on accounting matters, budgets and substantial expenses. The committee consists of members and non-members with financial experience.

Naam Functie
Max de Blok Chairman
Saskia Kunkeler General member
Jiska Chang General member
Sterre Sadhill General member