An annually changing committee manages the Toren. This committee is responsible for the crew of the Toren and its bar. The committee is also responsible for the (minor) maintenance of the Toren, the purchasing and selling mainly beer, wine, soft drinks and snacks and the organisation of activities at the Toren. You can reach the Clubhouse Committee at chc[at]dhcdrienerlo[punt]nl.

Name Function
Cédric De Jonge Chairman
Nathan Hamers Treasurer
Luuk Wijnant Purchasing commissioner
Lisanne Slettenhaar Commissioner internal and external affairs
Otto De Koning Commissioner maintenance

50e CHC (2019-2020)

Name Function
Teun Knook Chairman
Saskia Kunkeler Treasurer
Willem-Jan Burger Purchasing commissioner
Emma Winter Commissioner internal affairs
Ocid Oosting Commissioner external affairs
Arthur Hofma Commissioner maintenance

49e CHC (2018-2019)

Name Function
Thomas van Geest Chairman
Max de Blok Treasurer
Anne Thoonen Purchasing commissioner
Robin Wildenborg Commissioner internal affairs
Danique Damen Commissioner external affairs
Floris Spin Commissioner maintenance

48e CHC (2017-2018)

Name Function
Cédric Maessen Chairman
Mike Kwakkenbos Treasurer
Laura Harks Purchasing commissioner
Jim Scheefhals Commissioner external affairs

47e CHC (2016-2017)

Name Function
Martijn Pieterse Chairman
Merel Demmink Secretary and Commissioner internal affairs
Jaap Cortjens Treasurer
Maarten Thoonen Purchasing commissioner
Dominique Turlings Commissioner external affairs

46e CHC (2015-2016)

Name Function
Thijs van Beek Chairman
Daniël van Dort Treasurer
Thomas van der Meer Purchasing commissioner
Justin Veenstra Commissioner external affairs